Is passion in startup overrated?

Absolutely not!!! In my opinion the problem with the startup world is that passion; “The Why” is not or has not become the number one reason for starting Company XYZ. Critics say that passion is often just another overused and abused buzz word. I say “Go pound the pavement.” “You have to be burning with an idea, or a problem, or a wrong that you want to right. If you’re not passionate enough from the start, you’ll never stick it out.” – Steve Jobs What’s my passion? What’s my expertise? What do I think about night and day? Can my passion make money? Does my passion have meaning to others? These are all questions that I can’t answer for you. However, I can say that the answers should be important to you and be a part of your overall plan when deciding what business to start. Think of it this way. This passion of yours needs to be the driving force that gets you so fired up that you would do it for FREE if you had to. Let’s face it some weeks that will be true, you will be working for F-R-E-E! Your passion needs to make you feel good that you are doing it. The caveat to this is going over-board. Yes there is a happy-medium that you need to discover. If you are a gamer and all you talk about with investors is your characters and never about how they are going to make money…they may look at you like that weird cat that plays dungeons and dragons, lives in his mom’s basement and yells at his mom about when the meatloaf will be ready! Now don’t get me wrong there is a laundry list of characteristics and traits that are crucial to the success of a startup. For instance; be persistent, you will be told ”NO”, some days you will think you are a 6 week old Labrador retriever, just trying to have fun being told “NO” every five seconds, heck you might think that has become your name. You need to be flexible with the ability to adapt and overcome in what sometimes appears to be the worst day of your life, that is until you snap out of it and realize you no longer have to go on four hour foot patrols through the city of Fallujah. Be intentional in everything you do. When it comes to your most precious commodity, “Time”, that you can’t buy back, be intentional. Be intentional about time management, your appointments, daily tasks, marketing messages and even with your social media post that you thought were so funny, well in your head they were. Have a plan and follow it; make it measureable, realistic and attainable. The list can go on and on of essentials 101 of business success but I still truly believe that with real passion, one can do great things! Having passion for your chosen business is a key component of success however having passion is not the “Silver Bullet”.~   By: Brandon Bunch.  Patriot, U.S. Marine, father of 5 and entrepreneur, Brandon Bunch, is the founder of a marketplace for “every day citizens” to connect with “everyday heroes.” These heroes are military veterans, firefighters, police officers and emts that own their own business. It is a way for citizens to show their unwavering appreciation, patriotism and support for these heroes’ selfless service. Citizens can search our database for anything from builders to lawn care, restaurants to shopping, and everything in between.  Hero owned businesses can sign-up @ today! While not putting out fires at the office he’s putting out real fires as a professional firefighter/paramedic.

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