What are you qualified to do?

Soup sandwich, FUBAR, whiffle boat, cluster #&(%…You know a problem when you see one. You have seen big ones and small ones. They are all around you, all around the world. You are a soldier, a marine, a sailor, an airman…a Veteran. Ultimately, what are you qualified to do? ~ Answer… You are a problem solver.   Corporations generally don’t know that fact but YOU do. Entrepreneurs identify problems, needs, gaps…. They solve that problem, provide for that need, and fill those gaps…. Veterans make perfect Entrepreneurs because the military spent millions of dollars to train you, mold you, and give you the confidence to be one. They just didn’t realize it.  The World War II generation sparked 40 years of prosperity.  Now it is your turn. So what are you going to do troop?

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The quality individuals and business acumen of other vets participating in mission entrepreneur have been really amazing. Mentors and coaches are approachable, and immensely helpful with my business!
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