About Mission: Entrepreneur

Mission: Entrepreneur is building the leading community of veteran entrepreneurs. Our mission is to inspire, encourage, and support veterans to start, grow, and scale successful companies. In addition to nurturing a robust community of veteran entrepreneurs, investors, and civilian CEOs – we have several key programs to directly support our vetrepreneur members:

Member Programs & Benefits:

  • A Member-to-Member peer community of entrepreneurs who are military veterans and committed to growing successful businesses. Our peer community gathers locally in small group support forums, on local chapter levels at events driven by member leaders, and in larger events with vetrepreneurs from around the globe.
  • Semper Startup: a recurring event encompassing Shark Tank-style investor pitches, TedX-style talks on vetrepreneur topics, connections to great business thought-leaders, and Mentor Meetups.
  • Mission Meetups are recurring gatherings for our members of vetrepreneurs (peers), business experts (presenters), and civilian CEOs (called “mentor meetups”). Our mentor meetups are structured in three ways: ongoing mentorship, speed mentoring, and single session coaching.
    • Ongoing Mentorship – facilitated mentoring between individuals over longer periods of time; ongoing relationships and support with ceo and investor mentors.
    • Speed Mentoring – several connections with many business mentors in short periods of time. Participants will meet many mentors and make connections for future ongoing mentorship.
    • Single Session Coaching – guest mentors and coaches help members tackle specific challenges in a single session, on the spot.
  • Vetrepreneur Spousal/Caregiver/Supporters involvement and participation in many member events. Including your support system in these events helps them to better understand and support a vetrepreneur along the challenging journey of building a successful business.

Programs & Benefits Under Development For and With Members

  • The Vetrepreneur Institute: online entrepreneurship training and content for veterans.
  • Mission: Update – newsletter highlighting inspirations, resources, tools, events, benefits, and content for vetrepreneurs.
  • Pathfinder – connecting members to the best veteran and entrepreneur resources.
  • Mission: Everywhere – a Member to Member online peer community.

Mission: Entrepreneur Believes in Making a Difference.

We believe that the military leaders who risk all to defend freedom and capitalism not only deserve the opportunity to lead in the civilian world but that they also are great candidates to lead the charge of veteran entrepreneurship by becoming business CEOs, startup executives, and entrepreneurs. Mission: Entrepreneur believes in making a difference by inspiring, encouraging, and supporting veteran military leaders to become civilian leaders that make the most impact- by starting and leading growing companies! Our mission is to plan, launch and nurture programs that drive tangible, practical results and accomplish the objective of expanding the challenges, opportunities, and leadership responsibilities that entrepreneurship poses for the community of aspiring military veteran entrepreneurs or “Vetrepreneurs.” We are fighting the battle to inspire new Vetrepreneurs, encourage Vetrepreneurs to stay the course, and support Vetrepreneurs on their journey of growth. Join the cause – Join Us !

Who Is Mission: Entrepreneur

Inspire, Encourage, and Support our military veterans to become entrepreneurial business owners – or “vetrepreneurs.” Our goal is to have a measurable impact on the vetrepreneur community in ways such as boosting the number of veteran owned companies in the inc 5000 list of highest growth companies.
We believe that by showing the path of entrepreneurship and connecting vetrepreneurs together, we can collectively make a tremendous impact on the economy and our veteran community. Focusing the spotlight on aspiring vetrepreneurs and showcasing the most successful vet businesses, connecting them together and to mentors, and pooling efforts to pull together the tools and ladders needed for success are all that most veterans need to get behind the mission of transitioning to become “twice the leader” as a successful growing business owner.
We promise to drive over 90% of our activity to be directly impacting veteran entrepreneurs, either by broadly inspiring the greater military community as a whole, encouraging individual vetrepreneurs, or by developing and expanding tools and opportunities to support those veterans that are committed to getting a successful business off the ground. We focus on supporting free market vetrepreneurs that are building companies that can make it in the economy – and not in the government contracting or veteran set aside space.
We believe our veterans bring several strengths to bear that are distinct advantages to starting and running a successful business. Tenacity, risk tolerance, teamwork, initiative, and a commitment to “mission first, people always” are critical to building most long term successful ventures. While embracing entrepreneurship is one of the harder, riskier paths to take as a civilian, our military veterans are well positioned to execute and create great businesses to drive the economy, our veteran community, and our entrepreneur nation – upwards.

Meet your Mission: Entrepreneur champion leader team

Michael Beirne Founder

Michael Beirne

Michael is a serial entrepreneur, vetrepreneur, and investor who loves engineering, music, and gardening. His first company was a pioneer in the e-commerce space, and Michael served in the Army as an Armor Officer and then commanded a dual purpose Military Police and drill instructor unit. A serial entrepreneur, Michael now is the managing partner of Vetted Capital focusing on investing in veteran owned businesses.


Frank Felker Communications Chair

Frank Felker

Frank is a serial entrepreneur and expert in communications that effectively drive impact to an organizations sales goals. Frank’s mother was a pioneering woman veteran pilot and continues to inspire Frank to give his all for Vetrepreneurs – which he does routinely to keep our team on point!

Janine Event, Marketing & PR Champion

Janine is the commander on the scene before, during, and after our events to ensure that our members, sponsors, and all participants have the richest experience possible and squeeze max value out of all our contributors. Janine is a partner in JSW Group, and specializes in PR, Branding, Marketing, and Events.

James McCartney Industry Outreach Champion

James McCartney

James McCartney is a serial entrepreneur, author, and a strategic planner who owns the Accurate Data Partners. James spearheads Mission: Entrepreneur’s outreach to industry and association leaders who align with our mission.

Antwain Thomas University Outreach Champion

Antwain Thomas

Antwain is an aspiring Vetrepreneur, served in the US Navy, and is completing his graduate studies at the George Washington University. He relentlessly executes on the mission to engage with universities, volunteers, & veteran groups to the manpower to drive Semper Startup events.

Chris Mate Strategic partner champion

Chris Mate

Chris is a gameification expert and serial entrepreneur who cares deeply about veterans and entrepreneurship. Chris leads the mission of connecting with and arranging strategic sponsor relationships that can add immense value to vetrepreneurs and members of Mission: Entrepreneur.

Norm Bonnyman Education Chair and Champion

Norm is a serial vetrepreneur and champion who currently leads the effort to maximize our veteran entrepreneurship education and also supports our outreach to other veteran focused programs.

Jim Rafferty CTO

Jim is a serial entrepreneur and runs an IT business focused on rapidly growing businesses. Jim is a huge vetrepreneur supporter and drives the technology for Mission: Entrepreneur’s team and members.

Josh Karrasch Industry Outreach Champion

Josh is one of the earliest members of Mission: Entrepreneur and is the first chair of the member board. Josh owns a business called thegundude.com and joined Mission: Entrepreneur as a member after being wowed by the Semper Startup.

Christine Setness Family/Spousal Support Ecosystem Champion

The wife of a vetrepreneur, and a supporter of the Mission: Entrepreneur vision, Christine leads the program and outreach effort to ensure the ecosystem of vetrepreneur family and supporters also are encouraged with best practices along the journey.

Frank Ganis Sponsor integration & Champion

Frank is a education entrepreneur having been involved in technology and education industry leaders like Blackboard. He ensures sponsors deliver maximum value for our members while ensuring that a meaningful helpful relationship is developed for our strategic partners.

Dan Caulfield Vetrepreneur champion

Dan’s been instrumental at starting and guiding multiple veteran focused organizations like hire a hero and helmets to hardhats. Dan is a serial vetrepreneur who is based in San Diego and helps steer the vision of Mission: Entrepreneur to ensure we build on a foundation that can stand the test of time.

Rick Yost Content champion

An attorney and former army ranger, Rick is a serial entrepreneur who corralls content and wisdom in support of our community and nurturing a valuable vetrepreneur dialogue online.

James Gorman VP Technology

James is an accomplished technology guru and prior entrepreneur that currently leads a significant department of a large tech services firm. A gulf I navy vet, James supports our team in many ways – although he serves the mission primarily as our internal technology leader.

Champions Team Program Leaders

We’re very grateful for those that have leaned forward to support the many programs Mission: Entrepreneur brings to our veterans from the drawing board to execution!

Some vetrepreneurs that we’ve impacted:

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