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Is passion in startup overrated?

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Absolutely not!!! In my opinion the problem with the startup world is that passion; “The Why” is not or has not become the number one reason for starting Company XYZ. Critics say that passion is often just another overused and abused buzz word. I say “Go pound the pavement.” “You have to be burning with an idea, or a...

Five Attributes That Make Veterans Well Suited For Entrepreneurship

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Transitioning Veterans sometimes struggle with translating military skills and expertise to the commercial market. One source claims that as many as 45% of transitioning Veterans are choosing to start their own business. Though most non-veterans don’t realize it, the veteran, is typically much more experienced than their civilian counterpart of the same age. How many civilian 23 year-olds are...

Mission: Meetup Aug 27 – Ignition Shift event in DC

Mission: Entrepreneur is thrilled to announce that our next Vetrepreneur meetup will be immediately following and at the same venue as the upcoming Ignition Shift Event on August 27th 2014. This event looks exceptionally strong from a tactical level, with two exceptional speakers and entrepreneur experts presenting on social media marketing and sales team development strategies. Also, while tickets...
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